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ASPHALT Drum Mix Plant


FABHIND Automatic Asphalt Drum Mix Plants are manufactured as per the specifications laid down by M.O.R.T & H. (formerly known as M.O.S.T.). The plants are designed and engineered to give trouble-free performance with enhanced fuel efficiency using the latest technology.

FABHIND constantly upgrade products and cater to customer the world best products, we are supplying our products to customer is exceptionally good quality and world-wide acceptable technology. We provide better after sells support with internationally known products. We provide highly modern electric controls and technology, storage facility with excellent automation support.

Asphalt Drum Mix plant is a continuous mixer in which heating of aggregates, its homogenous mixing and addition of set amount of Bitumen and Filler is done in the Drum itself. The Hot Mix Asphalt manufactured gets dispensed continuously into a truck or conveyed to a storage silo.

Asphalt Drum Mix Plants available with capacity from 20 – 120 TPH. Capacity more-then 120 TPH are as per customer’s requirement.

FABHIND premium asphalt batch mix plant requires complex process engineering which in turn depends on the perfect interaction between all the components. Hence it is essential that FABHIND manufactures all the vital parts of plant including burner, mixer, screen, Drum, filters, feeders, and controls.

Drying drum

  • Robust, compact and Highly reliable
  • Energy/Fuel efficient
  • Driven by 4 wheel sprocket chain/pulley
  • Easily operated
  • Alloy material is used to protect against wear and tear
  • Specially design flights to provide uniform transfer of heat to different size aggregates
  • High productivity through specially designed burner and inner parts of drum

Bitumen tanks
  • Protection from heat by perfect jacketed piping
  • Jacketed bitumen pump
  • Heat control via thermostatic valves
  • Level indicators for bitumen
  • Thermal coil system
  • Bitumen feeding system by pneumatic way

FABHIND is an expert in the field of Asphalt Batching plant providing all solutions to your problems. You connect with us and we continue our services to you through life time.

Cold bin feeder
  • Each bin feeder is having 50t capacity
  • Strong , durable and Equipped with Variable frequency drive
  • Easy to operate
  • Anti-bridging design for uniform flow
  • Vibrating motor for easy flow of fine material
  • Grid use for preventing coarse minerals

Load Out Conveyor
Hot Mix material discharged from the Thermodrum is carried by inclined Hot Conveyor belt and discharged into the tipper / truck through Hydraulically operated Surge Storage Hopper. The Hot Conveyor belt is heat resistant, of reputed make like MRF / Dunlop / Equiv. This belt is supported by number of idlers and The frame is fabricated from appropriate size of channel and angles. A separate AC Motor with Gear Box is provided to run the Conveyor belt. Belt Scraper is provided to avoid any sticking of the mix material to the belt.

Hydraulically operated storage hopper is provided at the discharge end of the conveyor which stores the Hot Mix and allows it to fall as mass in batches and thus avoids segregation and spillage during load out cycle.

Fully computerized control cabin (AC optional) with on board electrical power control console, distribution switch board, fully automatic process & sequence control are a standard on all Our Drum Mix Plants. User friendly software gives you total reliability and ensures top notch performance.
  • Easy calibration system for Feeders, Fillers, Asphalt etc
  • MIMIC Screen provides details of all current flow, temperature etc. with possibility of changing calibration when needed
  • Fail proof power interlock and auto process controls
  • Online fault detection
  • Online printing facility
  • Provisions to print store and edit production details, mix proportions, etc
  • Display of all process control parameters
  • Auto / manual operation
  • Docket Printing & Inventory management for the truck loads manufactured
  • Functional Keys and Numeric Keys – Only basic skills for operation needed

The State of Art SCADA System helps in total process controls and metering of the mix proportioning. The feedback from the Load cell is processed by the PLC, which further automatically controls and processes the bitumen and filler proportioning.

A high capacity hot oil jacketed gear type pump, controlled by an AC variable speed drive feeds the metered amount of bitumen into the mixing section of the Thermodrum unit. The fully automatic SCADA / PLC control ensures a precise metering of bitumen.

We offers a wide range of filler storage and feeding solutions for the customers to choose from, depending on the site requirements. A variable speed computerized synchronized metering systems ensures the right proportioning in the mix.

Technical Specification
Capacity @ 3% moisture contentDM - 35DM - 45DM - 50DM - 60DM - 65
Cold Feed Bins     
Capacity @ 3% moisture content45 tph60 tph90 tph120 tph150 tph
No.of Bins*/Total Storage4/20 m34/20 m34/25 m34/31.25 m34/37.5 m3
capacity Auxiliary Drive1.1 kW1.5 kW1.5 kW2.2 kW2.2 kW
Auxiliary Conveyor Belt450 mm x 2.2 m450 mm x 2.2 m450 mm x 2.9 m450 mm x 3.78 m450 mm x 3.78 m
Charging Width Gathering2.55 m2.55 m3.05 m3.66 m3.66 m
Conveyor Drive Gathering3.7 kW3.7 kW3.7 kW5.5 kW5.5 kW
Conveyor Belt Feeding500 mm x 22.4 m500 mm x 22.4 m600 mm x 25.6 m600 mm x 29 m600 mm x 29 m
Capacity80 tph100 tph120 tph150 tph200 tph
Slinger Conveyor     
Conveyor Drive/Width3.7 kW/ 500 mm3.7 kW/ 500 mm3.7 kW/ 500 mm5.5 kW/500 mm5.5 kW/500 mm
Thermo drum Unit     
Dryer Length x Diameter1.23 m x 6.02m1.54 m x 6.40m1.54 m x 6.7 m1.85 m x 7.31 m1.85 m x 8 m
Drive Type*Cradle type chain driveCradle type chain driveCradle type chain driveCradle type chain drive4 WD Friction Drive
Drive Motor15 kW18.6 kW18.6 kW30 kW44 kW
Drive Gear BoxHeavy Duty Worm GearHeavy Duty Worm GearHeavy Duty Worm GearHeavy Duty Worm GearHeavy Duty Worm Gear
Burner Unit     
Burner Capacity250 lph/3 MW350 lph/4 MW550 lph/6.5 MW770 lph/ 9 MW1100 lph/ 13 MW
High Pressure Burner TypeFully automatic dual stageFully automatic dual stageFully automatic dual stageFully automatic dual stageFully automatic dual stage
Fuel Type*dieseldieseldieseldieseldiesel
Blower Connected Power7.5 kW11.25 kW15 kW15 kW18.7 kW
Bitumen Injection pump     
Capacity60 lpm80 lpm120 lpm160 lpm200 lpm
Pump TypeHoy oil jacketed gear typeHoy oil jacketed gear typeHoy oil jacketed gear typeHoy oil jacketed gear typeHoy oil jacketed gear type
Drive TypeAC variable speed driveAC variable speed driveAC variable speed driveAC variable speed driveAC variable speed drive
Discharge System     
Load out Conveyor Belt500 mm x 17.9m500 mm x 17.9m600 mm x 17.9m600 mm x 20.3 m600 mm x 20.3 m
Gob Hopper Capacity1.0 ton1.0 ton1.5 ton2.0 ton2.0 ton
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