Product Range Urban Waste Recycling Plant / Waste Tyre Recycling Plant

Urban Waste Recycling Plant / Waste Tyre Recycling Plant


Oil Water Separator Tank

  • It separates the moisture content from the oil with the help of gravitational force
  • Oil gets separated from the mixture at the top of the tank while water remains below
  • Thus water is removed from the bottom by opening the valve
  • Tank has water and oil indicator that indicates their respective levels
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Cooling Blower

  • It aids in reducing the processing time of the reactor to maintain number of batches throughout the month
  • It is mainly used for the purpose of decreasing the temperature of reactor faster after the batch taken in order to increase the number of batches
  • This in turn helps in increasing the productivity of the product and hence the profit. With the help of cooling blower atleast 24 batches can be taken in a month
  • It has 5 HP motor which is sufficient to take the hot smoke out of the plant
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Gas Balloon

  • Balloon fabric tensile strength is 550 Which means it can survive for long period without maintenance and no leakage of break is possible
  • Blower is twin lobe hard chrome nickel platted on every internal part which comes in contact with gas Helps to stop corrosion of internal parts
  • Blower comes with attached 5 HP motor Helps to give 50 m3 per hour flow rate and required pressure
  • Motor is flameproof Provides extra safety feature, 0% chances of any fire
  • Buffer storage System is provided Which helps to stabilize gas pressure and provides gas to pyrolysis reactor at a constant rate Over pressure under pressure regulation system( Complete Stainless steel body)
  • Provided helps to regulate the pressure automatically without any human interference
  • Nylon net is provided with the balloon for support which helps to keep balloon at a safe height
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Baby Steam Boiler

  • Improves the safty factor by injecting the pressurized steam
  • (100°c) in the reactor
  • Helps in reducing process time, by reducing cooling time
  • With the help of baby steam boiler, process time of 12 TPD(tons per day) completes within 23.5 hr, and 10 TPD process completes within 22 hr
  • Also helps in cooling down of carbon black
  • Assurance of 22 batches for 12 TPD and 24 batches for 10 TPD
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